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Katie + Brad’s Heights Baptist Church Wedding and Noah’s Reception

What a gorgeous crisp day for Katie and Brad’s wedding!  Katie and Brad both were cool as cucumbers while friends and family swirled around them with smiles and laughter, you can tell this couple was all about just enjoying this day to celebrate with their closest loved ones.
Such a handsome groom.
The relaxed bride! She had such beautiful hair and chose to wear it down for the big day.
Gorgeous blooms!
Nothing quite like that moment when your Dad strings your pearls on. Now, it’s REAL!
Katie’s sister Sarah Bloome of created the MOST STUNNING Coco Channel inspired paper flowers to adorn the major spaces. Here you can see the gorgeous aisle runners and arch for the couple to stand under.
This couple was all about family and chose to honor those that were not there to celebrate with them.
By the time the ceremony was over, there was no light left, but wow… this couple worked the dark starry night for my lens. So romantic.
The space at Noah’s in Las Colinas was transformed into this stunning white on white with silver dreamy party space.
After dinner there were toasts and cake to be had. This wall of paper flowers made a gorgeous cake backdrop for the couple.
Then it was time for dancing!
There were so many sweet and tender moments through out the day.

To see the full set of images from this wedding when the couple releases them, please register at:

This couple’s amazing team included

Ceremony: Heights Baptist Church
Florals: Dallas Event Floral
Reception Venue: Noah’s (Irving)
Catering: Animias
Decor-Paper Floral, Paper suite: Sarah Bloom, Bloom’s Paperie
Cake Design: Aray of Cakes
Bride’s Gown: Nordstrom’s, Priscilla of Boston

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Chic All-White Wedding | NOAH'S WEDDINGS - […] of Las Colinas, Texas into a sophisticated all-white setting. This joyful day was shot by Kristin Greenlee Photography, and we love every bit of it! Continue scrolling to see […]May 9, 2014 – 5:16 pm

Chic All-White Wedding | NOAH'S - […] of Las Colinas, Texas into a sophisticated all-white setting. This joyful day was shot by Kristin Greenlee Photography, and we love every bit of it! Continue scrolling to see […]April 28, 2014 – 7:20 pm

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Lyndsi + Payton’s Wedding at Le Beaux Chateau Flower Mound

When I met with Lyndsi + Payton to discuss their photography options, I knew instantly that they were a match made in heaven. Quite literally. Through everything that these two do, their faith shines through, leading their lives and their love.
We had the pleasure of shooting at the gorgeous Le Beaux Chateau in Flower Mound, TX. Finding beautiful spots to shoot here was certainly not a challenge! Even the bridal suite is amazing… Even though I had a tough time calling it a “bridal suite” because Lyndsi was not a bride; she was a future wife from the beginning.
Seeing a wife-to-be get to put on her wedding dress brought tears to my eyes… she is genuine in every way possible.

Lyndsi’s bouquet was wrapped with photo charms… so her grandparents were able to walk with her down the aisle.

And then they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day. Payton adores Lyndsi… can you tell?

The boys hung out and made music while waiting for guests to arrive. They were a really fun group…

Life just wouldn’t be as fun without flower girls. Lyndsi’s nieces took the job very seriously… and the youngest was efficient, too!

EVERYONE danced. This bunch was all about celebration of life and love.

And then a beautiful bubbled-filled send-off!


Lyndsi + Payton’s wedding was beyond joyous… I can’t wait to see how these two change the world! Want to see their full set of images? Please register on their online proofing gallery and when the couple releases them, you will be notified!

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The Birth of Baby Tylie

I’d been eagerly anticipating the call to attend this birth. I woke up on Friday morning, and knowing I had a little drive for a personal errand an hour and half away, I had a gut feeling I should check with Chani before I left, just to be sure. She texted back that she was fine and the doctor anticipated inducing by her due date a week from Friday if she didn’t go into labor before. She seemed to think she was light years away from having this baby. So, I went on my errand and had a lovely Friday afternoon, but couldn’t shake the feeling that birth was imminent. My phone bleeped loudly at 4:38 am on Saturday morning. It was Eric. Chani had been laboring since 2:30 an they were going to head to the hospital. I LOVE the sound of an excited Dad  making this call. It always make me smile.

I kept in touch with the all morning. She arrived to the hospital not too far along, as is typical for first time moms. Eric told me they had a bit and would wait to have me come. I checked in with him about every two hours. They walked and did what they could to get labor started. Eventually, the doctor decided to augment labor a bit to get things moving and broke Chani’s water. I knew I had a couple hours, but not nearly as long as they thought. I told Eric, “oh I’ve seen moms go from a 5-10 in 2 hours!” Thank goodness I left when I did at 2pm, because it took me a shocking two hours to drive to Plano from Keller because of wretched construction in Grapevine. I arrived at about 4pm. Eric tried to send me to the mall thinking they still had lots of time and Chani was going to rest. I told him, I wasn’t leaving the hospital, but I would go make myself scarce so she could nap. Right as I was walking out the nurse came to do a check, so I waited with Eric’s mom outside the door to see what the status was. Yep! She was a 9.5cm and it wouldn’t be long. So much for that nap!

Eric changed clothes into his “baby daddy” clothes and sprayed on a little cologne. He wanted to look handsome for his girls! Chani seemed to like the familiar scent of her husband. You could feel the excitement and nerves starting to build.
Then, the last bit of waiting. Chani sat there considering what she was about to do. Going through what all moms do with questions of “can I do this?” “Will I know how to do this?” “What will it feel like?” Meanwhile, Eric caught up on some hunting literature!
Chani and Eric’s family came in for the last well wishes and had some tender moments. Chani begged them not to make her cry.

Aunt Shawntel couldn’t make it into town for the birth, but was there on “Team Tylie” in spirit. The family said some quick prayers and I took the last photo of Eric and Chani as family of two. It was go time!
Sunglasses on the table were reminder that this was indeed an August baby!
Chani was for sure doing  a “max workout” as Eric referred to it and was getting very hot. Eric instinctively grabbed a magazine to fan her.
Then, a nice cold rag. This not only cooled her down a bit, but had a bit of a calming effect. The questions were swirling in her head “is what I am doing working?” She went ahead and requested a mirror so she could see her progress.
This moment was the first that really made me cry. After getting the mirror, Chani commented “ooooh that isn’t so pretty…” to which Eric replied, “honey, you are pushing our baby out of there, it’s the MOST BEAUTIFUL thing I have EVER seen.” With the smile you see below on his face. She looked at him and just whispered, “I love you.”
This was it. The nurse thought she was only one push away and Chani finally saw how close she was and smiled. They called the Dr. and waited patiently for him to suit up and get this done.
Not much in this world beats the look on a mom’s face when she realizes she just did it. She brought her baby earthside.
Tylie Faith- 6lbs, 13 oz, 19 and 3/4 inches long, born at 6:36 pm
Sweet girl was having some trouble clearing the fluid in her lungs at first and it got a bit intense there for a few minutes. My heart just went to Chani especially because I know she must’ve felt so helpless. Those 4 feet between the baby’s bed and hers must have felt like miles.
They decided the baby would need to go to the nursery for more help. I went to get the grandmas so that when Eric attended the baby, Chani wouldn’t be alone. They handed her the baby and she began tearfully telling her daughter that things would be ok and to be strong.
Then… then the most amazing thing happened. The family prayed over sweet Tylie. They prayed with all the faith they had in the hearts. And then…. Tylie stopped her grunting. She began to instantly improve. The “goodbye” got longer as the nurses were suddenly not in any rush to take her.
Then, they told Chani, she could stay. They would monitor in her room instead. She would be able to do skin-to-skin and as breathing improved may even get to nurse. God heard their prayers. It was one of the most powerful things I’ve witnessed a family go through. I happily gave Chani and Eric the BIRTHday cake I brought and kissed them good bye.

If you’d like to see the images (plus a few more) in slideshow form, check it out here:

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Crystal - Hi,

I’m due with my first child, a boy, in October and I’m interested in getting more information on having his birth photographed. Can you please send me information as far as rates and how the whole process works.

Thank you!
CrystalJune 27, 2014 – 5:03 pm

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