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    Thanks for stopping by our website and blog! I specialize in Documentary (giving you what you need) | Artistry (giving you what you want) in birth, newborn, and portrait photography in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. Get to know me a little better by heading to the About page. More importantly, help me get to know YOU better by leaving a comment, filling out the contact form, or interacting with me via Facebook or Twitter.

Just Because Mini Sessions for Late Summer Early Fall

Please join us for Just Because Mini Sessions. These sessions are perfect for anyone who enjoys the outdoors, couples, families, children, babies-up to 5 people. Celebrate the start of school, the end of Summer and start of Fall, get your holiday photo done early, document Birthdays and milestones, get an updated couple session, some images of your pooch, or grab a generational photo as seen above!

Your session includes 25 minutes of shooting time (5 minutes to transition), editing for both color and black and white, online proofing to share with friends and family, 8 digital files to download with print release, and our full suite of available professional heirloom artwork, albums, and prints.

We use Eventbrite ticketing system as an organizational tool to secure your timeslot. Once you have secured your slot via this ticket page, you will be e-mailed over a digital contract from KGP that must be signed along with tips on wardrobe and exact location information.

Mini sessions make a great gift to those you love!

** if you prefer to pay by check, please call or email to secure your spot and drop or mail a check immediately, spots will only be held for 2 business days** Session fees are $200+tax for $216.50 total due at time of booking and are non-refundable.

Images will be ready for online viewing in approximately one-two weeks after the shoot.


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The Dallas Birth Story of Baby Cade

This mama worked so so hard (I mean they all do!) but her birth (as often is the case) didn’t go exactly like I know she imagined it would. At 38 +1 weeks gestation I got a text at 9:21 pm that she was being admitted to the hospital for an emergency induction due to pre-eclampsia. This is where you have super high blood pressure and protein in your urine and it can be very dangerous for both mom and baby. Mama knew, she’s a labor and delivery nurse herself… a fact I think probably both helped her and challenged her in the process. You know that delicate balance of being really informed and knowing what’s happening and being worried because you know all the risks? I know inductions can take a long time (I had one myself!) but of course I didn’t sleep much that night, keeping one eyeball on my phone just in case things went fast or an emergency happened.

The next morning, I checked in around 6 am and things were still moving slowly, but even more so on magnesium, which they give for pre-e. I figured I’d be heading out sometime during the day on Good Friday and made arrangements with my sitter. All day I checked in with Daddy and things kept going pretty slow, but they were being very very patient. I kept putting my babysitter off saying, “not yet…” and then my husband made it home with our oldest about 8:30pm. I decided I should probably hit the sack early because I figure this baby would be coming over night or in the early morning. Sure enough, my phone rang at 3:23am with Daddy on the other end: “I know I was supposed to call you when she was at a 6, but she jumped quick and she’s at a 9!” Me, “Ok, no problem, I’m on my way!” I had already packed my gear in my car and just needed to throw on some clothes and toss the baby monitor to my husband. Off I went! I live about a 45 minutes from Baylor United Methodist Hospital in Dallas; I drove pretty quick, but watched for police officers and drunks! As I was getting on HWY 75, close to exiting when my phone rang again, “uh she’s feeling pressure!” I told him to tell her to hold that baby in, I was 10 minutes out! I *might have ran a couple red lights after first stopping when they refused to acknowledge me in the empty intersections.* Finally, I pulled up to the labor and delivery building and I decided to just park in a Valet spot (no one was there and I need to get in quick!)

I got up to the room just less than an hour after Daddy called. The room was quiet, but full of love with her Mom and sister having flown in from NOLA. New Orleans is their hometown and the city means a great deal to them. Mama decided to try and push a little not long after I arrived, but after getting more meds, she didn’t feel any sensations and wisely knew this would make it more difficult for her to push and decided to wait. They turned epidural down low and let her sleep and labor down a bit. They all crashed out except her Mom and I. This typifies one of the great lessons of birth I’ve learned over the years: we mostly hurry up to wait! I meandered down the hall and made a fresh pot of coffee and texted a bit with one of my best friends who was up awake, awaiting labor of her own baby.

Then, it was time and Mama decided to push. She methodically did what I know she’s advised hundreds of women to do. She watched using the mirror wanting to monitor her own progress. There was this realization that doing it, definitely is a unique experience apart from seeing it done. About an hour later, out came baby and Daddy got to announce to the room “It’s a boy!!!” Thirty-Four long hours of labor and all the work, all the patience, finally paid off and paid off big! Sweet boy was covered in vernix (very typical especially for early-in gestation babies) and as cute as a button with his Daddy’s lips!

I’m always overwhelmed when I consider these moments. Birth is sacred. These moments are life changing and I consider it my deepest honor to be present to document them for families. I hope you guys never forget how you felt the day you became parents. The day that the meaning of love completely changed in your heart! I can’t wait to see this little squish and all his glorious hair in my studio next week for his newborn photos!


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Meyer Family: Emery is 6 months {Fort Worth Trinity Park}

I can’t believe how much Emery Cate has grown! She’s getting so big. Even harder to believe is how much Nolan has grown. Her baby is starting disappear and her little girl face is starting to really shine. It’s been such a joy to be documenting this family since Nolan was a newborn and I look forward to many more years to come. We had a beautiful day in February (wow we got lucky!) and the park was super crowded, but we made a little magic anyway!

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Katie + Brad’s Heights Baptist Church Wedding and Noah’s Reception

What a gorgeous crisp day for Katie and Brad’s wedding!  Katie and Brad both were cool as cucumbers while friends and family swirled around them with smiles and laughter, you can tell this couple was all about just enjoying this day to celebrate with their closest loved ones.
Such a handsome groom.
The relaxed bride! She had such beautiful hair and chose to wear it down for the big day.
Gorgeous blooms!
Nothing quite like that moment when your Dad strings your pearls on. Now, it’s REAL!
Katie’s sister Sarah Bloome of created the MOST STUNNING Coco Channel inspired paper flowers to adorn the major spaces. Here you can see the gorgeous aisle runners and arch for the couple to stand under.
This couple was all about family and chose to honor those that were not there to celebrate with them.
By the time the ceremony was over, there was no light left, but wow… this couple worked the dark starry night for my lens. So romantic.
The space at Noah’s in Las Colinas was transformed into this stunning white on white with silver dreamy party space.
After dinner there were toasts and cake to be had. This wall of paper flowers made a gorgeous cake backdrop for the couple.
Then it was time for dancing!
There were so many sweet and tender moments through out the day.

To see the full set of images from this wedding when the couple releases them, please register at:

This couple’s amazing team included

Ceremony: Heights Baptist Church
Florals: Dallas Event Floral
Reception Venue: Noah’s (Irving)
Catering: Animias
Decor-Paper Floral, Paper suite: Sarah Bloom, Bloom’s Paperie
Cake Design: Aray of Cakes
Bride’s Gown: Nordstrom’s, Priscilla of Boston

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Chic All-White Wedding | NOAH'S - […] of Las Colinas, Texas into a sophisticated all-white setting. This joyful day was shot by Kristin Greenlee Photography, and we love every bit of it! Continue scrolling to see […]April 28, 2014 – 7:20 pm

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