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    Thanks for stopping by our website and blog! I specialize in Documentary (giving you what you need) | Artistry (giving you what you want) in birth, newborn, and portrait photography in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. Get to know me a little better by heading to the About page. More importantly, help me get to know YOU better by leaving a comment, filling out the contact form, or interacting with me via Facebook or Twitter.

The HBAC birth story of Emilia

Man, what an honor it was to document this very special birth! Eshelle and Jeff get the record for booking me the most last minute (4 days after their due date!) but better late than never! I have a special place in my heart for women who are planning a vaginal birth after ceserean (VBAC). It’s a very unique journey. What a powerful, confident Mom to change providers at 35 weeks after the cascade of comments from her OBGYN lead her to believe she may not get the full support of her VBAC that had been discussed from the very beginning. The road to bringing a baby home can be long, but oh so sweet. Congrats you guys! I’ll be posting sweet Emilia’s beautiful lifestyle newborn session soon where you can see their ADORABLE older son!

Attended by Midwife: Jenne Ohrvall and Assistant Midwife: Cori Lively. Doula: Kiesha Baker

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Michelle Lewis - Mom - Your right, Kristin! Eshelle, my daughter is a STRONG woman and your ability to photograph the untellable, unimaginable, unbelievable, very hard to describe with words event, brought it to life.

THANK You w much love,
Mimi <3November 6, 2015 – 10:29 pm

The Birth of Olivia

Little Olivia met her parents on September 10, 2015 at 11:01 pm weighing 8lbs 4oz. While Mommy and Daddy are surely patriots, mama was certainly not going to mess around with pushing her baby girl out before the clock struck midnight, after a long 24 hour induction. It was a joy to watch Mom and Dad partner up to bring her earthside. I loved how they joked with one another. Laughed out loud together and quietly determined they would get baby girl out and it would be with out a Cesarean, she just needed a *little* more time. I can’t recall a birth I attended where a first time mommy pushed a baby out so quickly! The best days are certainly Birthdays and Olivia’s is no exception!

I loved the salmon (or is it coral?) sports bra mama wore that complimented her skin tone perfectly. You can still look gorgeous at a hospital birth Mommies! Seriously, though… this moment when mom first lays eyes on her baby girl, there is no greater moment to see. This is one of my favorites because Mom is just awe struck and speechless with a tear running down her cheek. I hope she never forgets this moment.

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2015 Fall Family Mini Sessions (DFW Southlake, TX)

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Please join us for Fall Family Mini Sessions in Southlake (centrally located to Dallas and Ft. Worth). These sessions are perfect for anyone who enjoys the outdoors, couples, families, children, babies-up to 7 people in the same household. Monday is a school holiday for many kiddos, so go ahead, keep them out a little bit for amazing family photos!

Your session includes 15 minutes of shooting time, 8 digital files with print release. Cost is $200 total plus tax.

Once you have secured your slot via this ticket page, you will be e-mailed over a digital contract from KGP to sign IMMEDIATELY. Mini sessions make a great gift to those you love digital files are available to design your own holiday cards, and the full suite or cards, wall art, and prints are available for purchase separately.

Images will be ready for online viewing and downloading in approximately 7-12 days. You will have the option to purchase your additional suite of files and prints and products like wall art.

*If there is poor weather the make-up day will be scheduled for the following Sunday of 10/18. Please make sure you can be available for the make-up day*

Secure your spot right here:


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The Day You Were Born Birth Story Book

It’s been a wild and wooly Spring and early Summer with us moving and kids being home, but I thought I’d start catching up on posts! First, I wanted to celebrate my middle son’s (and my first pregnancy) Birthday with this incredibly cute “The Day You Were Born” album we made for Micah to give him when he became a big brother! I also offer them to my birth clients with changes for first babies or subsequent stories. He loved it and enjoys thumbing through it, especially on his Birthday. I can’t believe it was seven years ago today he came into the world. Full of drama, tears, blood, sweat, and with my heart exploding with love, joy, and anticipation. I love you sweet and dear boy. I almost wish I could freeze you right at this age between little boy and pre-teen. You still ask for snuggles. You can work your dimple and eye lashes (the best gift you got of your father’s) for just about anything you want. You have a witty sense of humor and have started becoming a little sneaky.


Thanks to Michelle Peyronet for the birth pictures, Amanda at Mulberry Lane Studios for maternity, and Amber at Golightly Images for the beach shoot just last week! It pays to have friends in photography 😉

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The Birth of Olive June

I got a text from Amanda around 9:00pm on March 18th that her water had broken and she expected contractions to start soon as they had with  her previous births. She tended to have pretty quick labors. I loaded my gear into the car, texted my sitter to come first thing in the am so Jason could go to work, got dressed… and slept in my clothes. I woke up every 30 minutes or so to check my phone, but still nothing. Until 6:07 am when she called and sounded so calm. I made a quick cup of coffee and was out the door in under 3 minutes. What took place from that point on was pure…amazing. There is simply nothing like being present as life is ushered into the world. This mama was so brave, so broken, so….inspiring to me the way she labored. This Dad, wow… I always lose it when the Dads tear up. At one point I even heard Amanda say, “this is hard for them” talking about Justin.

“We did it. The Lord is faithful. He made us both brave,” she said. If you are friends, family, or a potential client wanting to see this birth video, just shoot me a line for the password!

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