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    Thanks for stopping by our website and blog! I specialize in Documentary (giving you what you need) | Artistry (giving you what you want) in birth, newborn, and portrait photography in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. Get to know me a little better by heading to the About page. More importantly, help me get to know YOU better by leaving a comment, filling out the contact form, or interacting with me via Facebook or Twitter.

Brynlee is One!

Man, this girl, just lights up the world. I was lucky enough to get to document her being born into the world into her gorgeous (I mean seriously, look at them!) parents’ arms, but now getting to see her little personality come out just makes me so happy. I smiled the entire time I was shooting AND editing this session!

0001_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0002_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
She is starting to get her little baby zombie walk on!
0003_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0004_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0005_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0006_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
she had a little Marylin moment and we were cracking up! Daddy wasn’t having it!
0007_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0008_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0009_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0010_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0011_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0012_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0013_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0014_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0015_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0016_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0017_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0018_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0019_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0020_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0021_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0022_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0023_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0024_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0025_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
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Photography + Doula=Dream Team

I love working with so many amazing doulas! I believe that doulas are incredibly helpful for any laboring woman! A former KGP client and fellow VBAC Mom and Doula and I are teaming up for an incredible offer so you can have BOTH a birth photographer and a doula! All you need to do is book us both and you end up wit $450 in free gifts. KGP will give you the video-audio add-on and Grapevine Doula will upgrade you to her top package! We both believe in the impact our work has on Moms. Evidence proves that doulas reduce interventions (and thereby costs of births both in and out of the hospital) and photography of one of the most life-changing experiences you will experience is just a no-brainer! Drop a line to get in touch with us if you think we could be a match and save big!

birth photography speical offer keller grapevine hurst

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The Birth Story of Baby C

All births are certainly special stories for me to tell, but C’s birth at Fort Worth’s Baylor All Saints was extra special. I’m so blessed when families chose me, trust me, to tell these important stories for them. Welcome little man, your parents went around the world to meet you and stole the hearts of a lot of Texans in the process! **if you are a potential KGP client and would like to view this work, please fill out the contact form**

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White Rock Lake Mini Maternity Session

It was a bit chilly out, but that’s how he roll with January due date babies! I loved how Jennifer and Clint chose warm fun layers for this winter maternity session! So adorable!

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Fall Mini Sessions

We had some adorable families come out to Bob Jones park for mini sessions this year. Here are just a few highlights!

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