Northwest High School Senior Session

I have to say, I totally cried during this Senior session!! Why? Because she is all grown up and MY LITTLE SISTER (in law technically.) I still remember the first time I met her when she was only 4… and the first photo session I ever shot of her when *I* was a baby photographer using film! This was the only one I could seem to dig up that was digitized. Look at that adorable little missing front tooth grin!



She has turned into such a gorgeous young lady inside and out. Did I mention she is a super talented artist and athlete?

Scheduling seniors can be al little crazy due to schedules that are packed and the day of her shoot it was POURING, but we had an awesome venue booked and decided to go for it anyway.


When you are an artist it’s not as easy as grabbing the cheer poms and posing for picture to show off your personality. So after some brain storming, I let Alyssa know I’d bring a roll of background paper for her and she could do some drawing for her own backdrop. Isn’t it just amazing?


Maybe that’s the best lesson for any Senior–life is going to rain on you so you better learn to have some fun and keep looking fierce!
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