Baby Kendall {Dallas Baby Portraits}

Another squishy baby! Another story to keep telling. Danielle and Chad started as my wedding clients. It’s fun to go back and look at their engagement photography session in Grapevine and their wedding at the Dallas Arboretum and then see this ball of cuteness!

Seriously, I love some baby rolls.
She has only been crawling about a week and is very excited about the new skill!
What? I got this?!
This one cracks me up! Watch out Dad!!!
Her little chin dimple is to die for!
Her very favorite squeaking giraffe made the cut!
When all else fails, Daddy’s phone delights!
This one falls into the category of outtake, but couldn’t let it go. It’s just too darn funny. Like “that phone trick was ok for a minute, but don’t think that will do!”
Again, “what do I get out of this?” lol this girl just cracked me up with her looks at such a young age! So cynical!! I bet she will be super witty!!
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