Almaraz Family portraits in San Antonio

I’ve been photographing the Almaraz family since before Karsten was born.  I often feel like I could’ve photographed their wedding (because we are so close), but I sadly didn’t know them then. Now, their beautiful little family of boys has grown and they made a big move to San Antonio. I couldn’t stand to lose them as clients and luckily they felt the same way, so they are still happily Year in the Life-ers and I happily travel down to San Antonio to photograph them. It’s so fun watching the boys grow and change. I actually took Micah (my own kiddo) with me on this trip and we had such a great time so I’ll post more later on some behind the scenes lifestyle stuff!

Let’s start with baby toes. Nothing but baby heads beats baby toes.

For our more “formal” (<—ha!) session we went down to the little coy pond in their neighborhood. It was pretty humid out and  even a few sprinkles, but it was nice soft light.
Despite Christine and Frank’s best efforts, Karsten is 2 going on 3 and was right on par with being “done” with photos pretty fast. That’s ok! We played hide and seek in the bushes! These turned out to be some of my favorites of him!
I was there on Christine and Frank’s 9th anniverrsary. Isn’t that cool?! At this point I was really wishing I had been their wedding photographer so I could post a dorky picture of them way back when. They are still pretty hot. My guess is hotter than they were then!
Everyone is pretty attached to nanny extraordinaire “Ms. Cella” so we couldn’t leave her out!
Bennett is kind of a drool bucket right now and I LOVED that about him!
Showing off his burgeoning sitting skills!
The only thing that makes it acceptable for someone to ring the doorbell during naptime is when you discover that it’s roses from your sweet husband for your anniversary. Good job Frank!!
enough said. Look at him!!!
Some sibling love melts my heart!
This series is entitled: Karsten. Almost 3. Get over it world!
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