Totally in Love an 80’s themed Valentines Party

I throw two children’s parties a year that I really really look forward to. My son’s Birthday party and a Saint Valentine’s Party. I want him to know that both his life and love are really something to celebrate. Micah calls it “just because I love you day.” This year he counted down the days until the party. Now, this group of mom friends I have is the best. These ladies totally keep me sane. Love to joke around and no one takes themselves too seriously. Most importantly, no one really judges. Oh and they all enthusiastically said yes when I told them this year’s party theme: Totally in Love: an 80’s costume party. It came to me all the sudden about 6 months prior and I couldn’t stop dreaming in neon and cheesy trashy 80’s stuff. And just in time because it seems that 80’s fashion is suddenly back in style in a HUGE way!

One of my good friends, Jenna (who also happens to be a photographer!) came and she was kind enough to take a few photos. I’m so glad she did because by the time I finished the party stuff and got 3 hours sleep (I stayed up til 1am with my first attempt at cake pops and then Micah kindly woke me up at 4am) I just wasn’t in the mood to even pick up my camera!

You’ll note the majority of my decor was done with neon duct tape and surveyor’s “tape”. The gardlands were made with felt and pipe cleaners for the hearts. All pretty cheap and easy.
I used hot glue gun to write the theme “totally in love” as well as three hearts, and xoxox on some glass then spray painted them with neon spray paint! Excuse my iPhone photo, but thought I’d put some of the elements together. I made a cake pop box with mini garland (thanks for the help Jeni!). I never did get a clear picture of the table cloth (not pictured) but it was white with neon tape stripes. You can kind of see it peeking in the picture below.
I used heart shaped post-its to write a special “I love you because” note to all my guests and their children then encouraged them to do the same for their friends. Everyone left with a little stack of notes.
Our signature drink was the Blowpop Martini!
Cake mix cookies rolled into lip sprinkes! My new fav way to make quick cute cookies. Along, with some heart shaped bread for the pimento cheese sandwhiches.
Here are just a FEW of the radtastic photobooth. More on that later.
The favor was teaching the Mom’s how to Freezer Paper stencil so we made these cute 80’s love robots in neons. I found the template here.
You can find most of my inspiration on my Pinterest board as well as links for some of the sources over there!
Want to find out if I could be the right photographer for you? Please get in touch!

kristin - Thanks Ronni! It was fun and different. Last year we did a soft gray/silver and light pink and everything was based on Key to my Heart so it was a big turn around!February 16, 2012 – 9:12 pm

Ronni Haslett - What a cute, cute idea. Very fun and your little boy is so handsome!February 15, 2012 – 11:40 pm

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