Lindsay’s Bridals in her Mom’s dress {gasp!}

First, I’d like to start with Lindsay’s rocking bridal session! First, it absolutely must be mentioned that Lindsay decided what few brides these days do–to wear a family dress. Yep, she wanted to wear the gown her great grandmother sewed for her own Mom. BUT… it needed updating (she wasn’t sure she could rock a full to the neck-longsleeve combo). I love how they cut the neckline and made a collar of sorts. It was pretty special and I know it meant a lot to her Mom to see her in that dress. I am a total nostalgic sap. It’s true. It’s really what I love most about my work, the sense of history and legacy. So, I was pretty excited about photographing her in this family dress–and totally rocking it out.

Lindsay, was pretty nervous and didn’t exactly know how she would “model” when we first started. I just told her what I Tell every.single.bride… relax and just be yourself, I’ll get us where we need to be. And this happened!

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