Jana + Chris’s E-session

Ok, I know, I know… I let my blog turn into a blob. I don’t want to make excuses, but you guys know how the holiday season can be, and it turned out to be one of my busiest ever! So, I’m going to be going back and blogging about past sessions and weddings as I can and as of, let’s say Valentine’s Day, I’m going to be caught up!

I’m also setting a goal this year to blog AT LEAST once a week, and if I miss a week (I will count the week starting on Sunday and I have until midnight Saturday!) blogging than anyone who e-mails me will get a $25 print credit toward a past, current, or future event (this is equivalent to the price of an 8×10). That should keep me motivated! So those of you blog stockers can rest easy and have a reason to come back! If you want to get updates every time I post (and monitor me more easily!) then, just sign up to the right or from the homepage of my website!

Without further ado,

The gorgeous Jana + Chris!
I think this e-session from back in October stands as one of my favorite of the year! Jana and Chris’s story is one for a Lifetime Movie! (You can read about it on their Wedding Website). They’re making their new home in Texas and what better way to celebrate their story, than a romantic fall night at the State Fair?
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