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Jason and his Mom when he was wittle…

I love this old picture of Jason and his Mom that I found while we were down at the Ranch. She looks so young and he looks so happy. Doesn’t Tristian look like a mini-me (even though J looks about 2 1/2-3 or so in the pic and T is 5 in the ones below)? […]

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Gram and Pupu

AI went to hang out with my Gram and Pupu (pronouced-puh-puh!!) last Sunday to snap some pictures for Pupu’s upcoming 80th Birthday party. I have such a special relationship with my Grandparents. I feel so lucky that I had the rare chance to get to know them really intimately. So many kids lived far away […]

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Holiday/Baby Card Speical (yes, I know it is still summer!)

Holidays are coming and many of you haven’t even started thinking about what you are going to do for your holiday card this year. However, the time is now. Have a baby coming soon? This special also applies to newborn custom announcements! Book your Portrait Session Package between now and October 31st and get: a […]

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The Ranch Continued

After we saw Papa in Coleman (nearest town you may have actually heard of–Brownwood—umm ok, Abilene) we headed past to Nanny and Pappy’s, Jason Grandparents to meet up with his parents and little sisters who had gone straight there. Living on 1,600 acres has its perks. Deer come right up to the house in packs […]

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Papa Greenlee

Jason and I went down to Coleman, Texas the weekend before last to visit Papa Greenlee. At 92, his health is fading quickly, but his mind is still sharp. It is amazing and rare to have 5 generations alive at once. Papa, then Pappy (see above), Jason’s mom, Jason, and then Tristian (see below). If […]

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