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Baby Carlos (CJ)

I had the great pleasure of snapping some quick photos of my newborn baby cousin right before Christmas. He is so tiny. Every time I’m around babies this new, I’m just awe struck with how creative God truly is. No matter how often I think about it or see it, I just can’t wrap my […]

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Science Behind Blinks

When I am spending hours editing there is one thing that just kills me… I mean I really hate… When I have a killer shot, but someone is blinking. We’re all guilty. We try really hard, but the inevitable always happens. It is much harder in a large group (the math behind that one isn’t […]

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Famous 12 year old or Famous Super Model?

So, I took the time to do something I don’t do often; completely waste time! I got this link from another photographer and thought it was pretty funny. I’ll post my top 2 results: guess which one I like better? Anytime one could associate themselves with a model is good. Actually I don’t really look […]

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I’ve grown acustom to feeling torn when asked the question as to where I’m from… Most people expect and recognize Dallas (and as I grew up in Dallas County, I have always been cool with it….), but more recently I’ve lived in the Mid-Cities area and now currently in Fort Worth. Both cities are equally […]

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My Sweet Pooch

Ok, everyone who knows Jason and I know that we love our dog. He is the most charming dog I’ve ever owned. He has such personality and really just loves being home with us. I snapped these on Saturday morning. He was cuddling his fish and gazing out the window. (He likes to keep an […]

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