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Yosemite Mentoring with Shawn Reeder

I met Shawn Reeder a long time ago when I was speaking at a photography conference. He embodies that adventurous spirit and lifestyle that is straight out of a magazine…He can sleep in his truck and makes his living photographing landscapes all over the world as well as creating some timelapses that you might walk in and see lighting up the screens of an electronics store. I knew Yosemite was his “home” park so to say. He lived in the area once upon a time and has an intimate familiarity. Lucky me; Shawn offers one-on-one mentoring for photographers and I was THRILLED he was available to meet up so I roped in a friend and decided we were going to Yosemite! Worth every single penny and more.

Of course on the way out Laura and I couldn’t resist stopping with a camera sporting carved bear at the Cedar Lodge of the way up!


We met Shawn at the classic Tunnel View parking area where he immediately took us off trail just a few minutes away from the MASSES (it was a holiday week after all!.) Next thing I know we are scaling some boulders and edging near a steep drop and my heart rate picked up a bit. A short hike and a glorious solitary log awaited a STUNNING unobstructed view just minutes from the droves of people.


I started bawling. Like serious tears. It snuck up on me. The overwhelming magnitude of the view, the excitement of the night ahead, but more importantly the pride and relief that I was doing something for MYSELF. So often, I don’t. It’s my kids. My husband. Responsibility. Don’t spend on this. Why take time to do that. All the mothers I know are nodding. It struck me to my core. The way something hits you when you are reaching back at yourself. I am so often not the person I used to be and while that is glorious in its own ways, my wanderlust spirit and adventurous self was shining. Shawn being the amazing guy he is, hugged me a deep meaningful hug. He knew. He commented something deep about the magnitude of this special place and it’s energy. That kind of thing a rock climber says. But he was right. You can see the right side of edge we walked over on the lower right of this image and through the brownish tree in the center right the parking lot of droves of people unaware that are view far beat theirs.

As if all the tears and feel good vibes weren’t enough, the wind shifted and we could see a rainbow in Bridalveil Falls. One that wasn’t visible from the parking area.
After that we headed up to Bridalveil and did a little scrambling on the boulders. This scared the ever living junk out of me. Being a foot away from a steep fall exhilarates me as I have no fear of heights whatsoever, but climbing on slick rocks low to the ground downright makes me nervous. I guess the idea of injury by head cracking ankle shattering scares me more than death! 
After a bit, we headed for the meadow of stunning views of the nose of El Capitan in the changing afternoon light.
Just a simple little trail off the regular hit list of tourist. #thatlightthough
To end the afternoon and set up for the night, we headed up to Glacier Point and stopped at Washburn Point on the way.
We followed Shawn over the rocks at Glacier Point. Right feet away from the edge, 3,214 ft above Half Dome village and the Valley floor. It was a view that Laura wasn’t comfortable going for, so she snapped this photo from her phone of Shawn and I taking it in nearing the edge. I won’t show the one I took of her worried face, but it is funny. Privately funny.
What I was shooting.
Shawn went for it being the kind of experienced sure-footed adventurer that he is.
After him, a stranger scooted down also, but man this guy was in flip flops!! No thanks man.
The weather was perfect. The last light, the clouds. It was just gorgeous.
My first attempt at astrophotography with helpful tips and tricks from Shawn. You can see Vernal Falls to the right which we hiked as a family the day before (more on that!)
The moon and valley floor.
The Milkyway was stunning. This type of night photography takes a lot of patience and long exposures. And fighting with a tripod you might through down to the valley if you didn’t know it would hurt someone.
We drove out of the valley at 1:30 am or so and I couldn’t sleep until almost 3 am. It was just too much. I’m already pricing tickets to go back.

All images are for sell, just touch base with me for interest in buying a print of any size or licensing for commercial use.

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Easter Free Printable Art and Tags

I love design work and actually do quite a lot of it, but rarely does it show up here and that is about to change in a big way! I thought I’d start by sharing a FREE printable word art I just whipped up for Easter. I will use the tags for the rugged little crosses my boys helped make for our Easter place settings. I also made it in an 8×10 you can have printed at your local 1 hour lab and throw in a frame to dress up your place for Easter brunch or dinner! Happy Good Friday everyone!

Download the pdf of both files here!


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2016 Bluebonnet Mini Sessions in Dallas Ft. Worth

I’m excited to offer bluebonnet mini sessions for DFW area clients again this year. It’s one of only 2-3 minis I do each year, and I’m just a true Texan at heart and still love them! I’ve got plans for a really special year focused on Americana inspired colors (which you will find everywhere with the Summer Olympics coming up!) Your session is 15 minutes and will include digital proofing, 3 image files of your choice, and the option to purchase all files and any prints.


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Lifestyle Newborn Wyatt

Sweet one Wyatt came into the world and I was lucky enough to get to document some time hanging with Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma at home for their Lifestyle newborn session at their beautiful home. Aren’t their boxers just so cute and well behaved!

This gorgeous Mommy is just glowing!
love these sweet eyes peeking out!
His parents did such a great job on his graphic navy and orange giraffe nursery.
Grandma was on hand to help out so I couldn’t resist a sweet little portrait of one of her newest! She will be a busy lady with four grandkids coming this year!
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Brynlee is One!

Man, this girl, just lights up the world. I was lucky enough to get to document her being born into the world into her gorgeous (I mean seriously, look at them!) parents’ arms, but now getting to see her little personality come out just makes me so happy. I smiled the entire time I was shooting AND editing this session!

0001_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0002_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
She is starting to get her little baby zombie walk on!
0003_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0004_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0005_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0006_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
she had a little Marylin moment and we were cracking up! Daddy wasn’t having it!
0007_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0008_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0009_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0010_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0011_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0012_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0013_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0014_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0015_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0016_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0017_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0018_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0019_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0020_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0021_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0022_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0023_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0024_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
0025_grapevine_photographers_baby_one_cake smash_train_outside
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